Flat 0.2, Even 0.2

On this hot summer day and not entirely without breaking a sweat, I'm happy to announce the release of Flat 0.2 and Even 0.2!

The main new features are completely rewritten analytical rasterizer of Bezier paths and support for Boolean operations on polygons. Additionally, lots of smaller changes were also included: kerning pairs are now read from GPOS OpenType table as well, JPEG Exif orientation tag (e.g. used in digital cameras) is recognized and it is possible to place progressive JPEG images. Image module was rewritten for more speed, text leading may be calculated automatically, groups allow chaining of text frames, SVG export drops Fonts but gains @font-face embedding. Speaking of dropping, DeviceN is no more, use spot color and overprint instead. Minimum raggedness line breaking is replaced by (slightly) inferior greedy breaking; the former might come back in the future but the implementation is much simpler now. And, apart from new or removed functionality, there is one API breaking change: instead of passing *sequence, call with plain sequence instead. For more please see the API reference.

I also would like to thank NOVUM Foundation for New Art for their financial support; it allowed for much more focused development!

And now for something completely different. As I pave my way for a hopefully improved software I make lots of tests, and lots of mistakes. So to commemorate this fine occasion I made a print of an error in the new rasterizer I particularly liked. 32×32 cm, silk screen, synthetic paper, limited edition of 16 pieces, signed, framed. Can be yours for 200 € (shipping excluded). If you would like to have one, just contact me and we will arrange the details.


Last but not least, here again are some pictures from the journey:


— 20. 6. 2017